“Really Good Crabs”

Malaysia is a melting pot of diverse cultures and delicious food. And when it comes to crab & seafood, there’s just so many styles to be discovered! Ketam Viral brings an inclusive approach to the seafood dining experience, offering popular Malaysian flavours all under one roof.

Taste the sensation
of Ketam Viral

Time to get your hands on some
really good crabs.

Ingredients: Smoked Salmon, Moringa Fritters, Red Pomelo, Carrot, Cucumber, Pickled Papaya, Pickled Ginger, Pickled Leek, Red & Green Yam Stick, Crispy ‘Bok Cui’, Madras Sauce & Plum Sauce, White & Black Sesame Seeds, White Pepper & Five Spice Powder.

Enjoy a delicious classic Chinese style ‘kuih dodol’- Nian Gao, made with glutinous rice flour! Savour fried ‘Nian Gao’ sesame balls & sweet potato sandwiched 'Nian Gao' for an unbeatable festive treat.

Ingredients: Nian Gao, Sweet Potato, Taro, Sesame Seeds, Plain Flour, Rice Flour, Corn Flour & Glutinous Rice Flour.

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Combos Perfect For Sharing

Indulge in our ‘Sarang Si Tempua’ High Tea Set – a sumptuous three-tier afternoon tea set comprising sweet and savoury selections that infuses local flavourful excursion. The dessert not to be missed were our MAHA2022 Award Winning dishes – Pisang Cak Lempong and Lepa Sang Ketam. Each set is paired with your choice of Spa Flavoured Tea or Coffee.

Discover Malaysian flavours like never before with your family and friends at Ketam Viral.

Soft Drinks (Coke,100Plus,Pepsi,7Up) RM5.50
Milo RM6.50 (Hot) / RM7.50 (Cold)
Nescafe RM6.50 (Hot) / RM7.50 (Cold)
Teh Tarik RM6.50 (Hot) / RM7.50 (Cold)
Americano RM11.50 (Hot) / RM12.50 (Cold)
Latte RM11.50 (Hot) / RM12.50 (Cold)
Capuccino RM11.50 (Hot) / RM12.50 (Cold)
Mocha RM11.50 (Hot) / RM12.50 (Cold)

Nasi Jasmine
A fragrant rice that is heavenly when paired with dishes that have gravy.

Nasi Basmathi
Long-grain Basmathi rice, the perfect pair for any Asian style dish.

Packaging fee is chargeable for dine-in customers for take-away.